A year’s worth of news seems to arrive every day. But we’re trying to keep up.

The most important development: We’ve added a “UKRAINE/WHISTLEBLOWER 2019” to the Timeline Name Filter. Click on that button to see only the entries on that thread.

Here is a list of the latest Trump-Russia Timeline update entries through Monday, Sept. 23. Another update is in the works.

AUG. 13, 2018: Trump Signs Bill Approving Military Aid For Ukraine

JUNE 2019: Giuliani Meets With Ukrainian Prosecutor’s Office to Press Biden Investigation 

PRIOR TO JULY 18, 2019: Trump Orders Hold on Previously Authorized Military Aid to Ukraine

JULY 25, 2019: Trump Calls Zelensky

JULY 26, 2019: US Special Representative for Ukraine Meets With Zelensky 

EARLY AUGUST 2019: Giuliani Meets With Zelensky Aide To Press Biden Investigation

AUG. 12, 2019: Whistleblower Files Complaint Allegedly Involving Trump

AUG. 26, 2019: Inspector General for Intelligence Community Finds Whistleblower Claim ‘Credible’ and ‘Urgent’

PRIOR TO AUG. 28, 2019: Pentagon Recommends That Trump Release Hold On Military Aid to Ukraine.

SEPT. 9, 2019: House Probing Giuliani’s Ukrainian Efforts

SEPT. 9, 2019: Intelligence Community’s Inspector General Alerts House Intelligence Committee to Whistleblower Complaint

SEPT. 10, 2019: Schiff Demands Whistleblower Complaint

SEPT. 11-13, 2019: White House Releases Ukraine Military Aid and Adds More

SEPT. 11, 2019: Trump Retweets About Comey

SEPT. 12, 2019: Trump Tweets About Mueller Report

SEPT. 12, 2019: House Judiciary Committee Consider Impeachment Inquiry Procedures

SEPT. 12-13, 2019: Trump Tweets and Retweets About Comey, McCabe, Impeachment

SEPT. 13, 2019: After Consulting Justice Department, Acting DNI Refuses to Produce Whistleblower Complaint; House Intelligence Committee Issues Subpoena

SEPT. 14-16, 2019: Trump Tweets and Retweets About Forthcoming DOJ Report on FISA Warrants, Impeachment, ‘Witch Hunt’

SEPT. 16, 2019: Trump Directs Lewandowski to Limit Testimony; Directs Dearborn and Porter Not to Appear

SEPT. 17, 2019: Lewandowski Testifies to Accuracy of Mueller Report

SEPT. 17, 2019: Acting DNI and Inspector General at Impasse

SEPT. 17-18, 2019: Trump Tweets and Retweets About Lewandowski’s Testimony, Impeachment

SEPT. 19, 2019: Giuliani Admits He Asked Ukraine To Investigate Biden

SEPT. 19, 2019: Maguire Defies House Subpoena

SEPT. 19, 2019: McConnell Reverses Position On Election Security Funding

SEPT. 19-20, 2019: Trump Tweets About Whistleblower Reports

SEPT. 20, 2019: Ukraine Ready to Investigate Biden When Trump Makes Official Request

SEPT. 20, 2019: Trump Says Whistleblower is ‘Partisan’; Claims He Had ‘Beautiful Conversation’ With Foreign Leader Involved in Whistleblower Claim

SEPT. 21, 2019: Trump Tweets and Retweets About Whistleblower Story Involving Biden, Tweets About McCabe

SEPT. 22, 2019: Trump Admits Talking to Zelensky About Biden


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