FROM BOOK NEWS: “Richard W. Leopold was an historian of American foreign policy at Northwestern University. While his books and articles are still relevant, his greatest legacy was an influence on three generations of students, some of whom, like George McGovern and Richard Gephardt, went on to help form foreign policy. One of those students, Steven Harper, has drawn on Leopold’s private papers, published works, interviews of Leopold and his own memories to produce a loving biography of his former professor. More than a tribute, the book is also the story of the last century in America and the experience of a non-practicing Jew caught between total assimilation and anti-Semitism.” — Annotation copyright@​Book News Inc., Portland, OR,

FROM JOHN PALMER: “Captures the spirit, soul and talent of the most inspiring teacher I have ever known…A well-written book about an extraordinary human being.” — Former international and White House correspondent for NBC News

FROM GEORGIE ANNE GEYER: “We Americans live too much in unhistorical bubbles, protected from the cleansing knowledge of time and man’s history. And so, how greatly we need this well-written book about one of our greatest twentieth century teachers! Here, in the amazing and inspiring life of Richard Leopold, a man impassioned by excellence, we can see and feel one of the great and searching historic minds of our time — and grapple with our past anew. Personally, I am immensely comforted and inspired by this rare narrative of a man who never bent the truth.” — Syndicated columnist, Universal Press Syndicate, and author of Guerilla Prince and other books

FROM JOHN MORTON BLUM: “There are few great teachers in any generation. One such during the second half of the twentieth century was Richard W. Leopold, a professor of the history of American foreign policy at Harvard and Northwestern. Steven J. Harper has caught the spirit and tone of Dick Leopold’s life and career in this graceful, admiring biography which aptly describes the stunning qualities of instruction, academic citizenship, and professional scholarship that Leopold exemplified in his distinguished career.” — Sterling Professor of History (emeritus) at Yale University and author of The Republican Roosevelt, V was for Victory and other books

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