Loyal readers have wondered why I haven’t posted anything since June. The answer is that I took a needed break from political, legal, and pandemic commentary to tackle a completely different project.

I spent the past six months creating a holiday voyage on a model railroad train that takes readers to a magical place. Before the COVID Delta variant spread, I began to design and build it. Working seven hours a day, seven days a week, I hoped to complete the project by the winter holidays, when all of our four grandchildren would be able to visit us safely and run the trains themselves. 

Delta’s explosion and Omicron’s emergence scuttled those plans.

So until the pandemic eases, this video will have to suffice.

But it’s no substitute for the real thing.

And two years of FaceTime and Zoom are no substitute for hugging those you love.

Anyway, here is a short video showing the result of my labors. Perhaps you, too, will find it to be a welcome respite during difficult times.

6 thoughts on “WHERE HAVE I BEEN?

  1. Steve:

    Welcome back. I noticed your absence and was afraid to ask. I hope you’re doing well. Your famous industriousness appears not to be flagging. I watched the long version of the video. Holy Moses, what a labor of love and dedication. That village you built is amazing. And the story is adorable. Thanks for sharing that with the rest of us.

    So sorry you won’t be able to have the family all together for Christmas. This pandemic has been so damn cruel. Took my Mom and Mary Lu’s Dad. Neither got Covid, but the isolation was just too much for them. And yet, there are millions of people too stupid or stubborn to take the vaccine. Peacetime war crime committed by that horrible man.

    Anyway, great to see you back in the inbox. Wishing you and Kit and the whole family a very Happy Christmas and a healthy New Year.

    Best, Aaron ________________________________

  2. Steve, You are a remarkable, multi-talented person. It has been, for many yrs., a great pleasure and privilege to know you, and to be one of your many admirers. I have missed your essays, but this project more than makes up for the gap, I hope you and your family are, and remain for many years, healthy and happy. With every good wish. Bob Helman

  3. Steve:
    I cannot think of more worthy work during this dreadful time of separation. Something your kids and grandkids will remember forever. Truly a labor of love. (My Mom hand made each of us one of her “labors of love” each Christmas — gifts that were most beloved, as I am sure yours will be.) Chris Fallert Kessides and I are in a book club together and just went to an August Wilson play together last week. I’ve been lucky enough to have enjoyed a 50 year relationship with both Chris and Anita Krichmar — three friends who all met first day at Northwestern in Shepard Hall and have remained fast friends ever since — all working and raising our families here in DC. If you are ever in DC, please call us. We’d love to see you. Meanwhile, sending you and your family Warmest Holiday Wishes. Pat Bak

    PS: BTW: You did the painstaking, detailed, often tedious but difficult work so few are willing to undertake these days. In my view, you are a national hero.

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