Call it multitasking. While Trump continues to stonewall Congress on everything relating to the Russia investigation, he appears on national television and confesses: Would he accept help from a foreign government to win an election? You bet.

It’s not really a surprise. In 2016, he did. Just ask Robert Mueller: “ABC’s Trump Interview Shows The Power Of Television.”

Here’s a complete list of the latest updates to the Trump-Russia Timeline at Dan Rather’s News & Guts and at Just Security:

JUNE 3, 2019: House Schedules Vote to Hold Barr and McGahn in Contempt While Pursuing Alternatives; Judiciary Committee Schedules Hearings on Mueller’s Findings (revision of previous entry)

JUNE 10, 2019: Trump Tweets About John Dean’s House Appearance, ‘Phony Witch Hunt’

JUNE 10, 2019: Dean Testifies Before House Judiciary Committee

JUNE 11, 2019: Trump Continues Attack on House Judiciary Committee Hearings on Mueller Report: ‘Witch Hunt’, ‘No Collusion’, ‘PRESIDENTIAL HARASSMENT’

JUNE 11, 2019: House Authorizes Judiciary Committee to Enforce Barr and McGahn Subpoenas

JUNE 12, 2019: Trump Tweets and Retweets: ‘Phony And Never Ending Witch Hunt’ 

JUNE 12, 2019: Schiff Reiterates That FBI Has Not Briefed Congress on Counterintelligence Investigations Since Comey’s Firing

JUNE 12, 2019: Don Jr. Testifies Before Senate Intelligence Committee

JUNE 12, 2019: Justice Department Will Investigate CIA

JUNE 12-14, 2019: Trump Says Wray is Wrong: Trump Would Accept Foreign Help to Win Election; FEC Chair Responds: ‘It’s Illegal’; Trump Tries Clean-Up

JUNE 13, 2019: Trump Tweets About Flynn’s New Lawyer, Mueller Report, Barr, Impeachment, Stephanopoulos Interview

JUNE 13, 2019: House Intelligence Committee Subpoenas Flynn and Gates

JUNE 13, 2019: Trump Announces Sarah Sanders’ Departure

JUNE 13-14: Blackburn Blocks Legislation on Foreign Election Interference; Trump Tweets Praise

JUNE 14, 2019: Trump Says McGahn is Lying or Confused

JUNE 14, 2019: Trump Tweets “Witch Hunt Hoax’

JUNE 14-15, 2019: Trump Tweets and Retweets About Russia Investigation: ‘Coup Update’, Mueller Report ‘A Lying Hit Job on Trump’, Blames Obama, ‘May Be The Biggest Political Crime In The History Of The US’, John Dean Is ‘A Prop’, ‘Greatest Presidential Harassment Of All Time’

JUNE 15, 2019: NY Times Reports on US Digital Incursions Into Russia’s Power Grid; Trump Calls Report ‘Virtual Act Of Treason’

JUNE 16, 2019: Trump Tweets About Steele Dossier, Impeachment

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