Five days of testimony from 12 witnesses before the House Intelligence Committee confirmed key facts that haven’t changed: Trump leveraged American power in an effort to get Ukraine to pursue investigations that would benefit him politically.

Those facts prove that Trump committed crimes: bribery, extortion, and obstruction. He also abused presidential power. The question is whether, as acting chief of staff Mick Mulvaney said, everyone should just “get over it.”

If you watched the hearings, you saw Republicans attacking witnesses and recycling discredited claims, namely:

  • Ukraine election interference. Trump’s former deputy national security adviser Fiona Hill called this a “false narrative” promoted by Russian intelligence services. Nevertheless, Trump and the Republicans are all in.
  • Burisma and former Vice President Joe Biden. That, too, is a false narrative. But don’t take my word for it. Read Jane Mayer’s thorough investigative report in The New Yorker: “The Invention of the Conspiracy Theory on Biden and Ukraine.”

I’ll have more to say about all of this in a future post.

Here is a list of the latest updates to the Trump-Russia Timeline at Dan Rather’s News & Guts and Just Security:

MARCH – NOVEMBER 2016: Stone Remains in Touch With Trump Campaign

APRIL 2016: Stone Tells Trump Campaign About WikiLeaks Plans

JUNE – JULY 2016: Stone Speaks to Gates and Senior Campaign Officials About WikiLeaks

REVISED: JULY 22-31, 2016: Stone Tells Trump About Future WikiLeaks Disclosures; Trump Campaign Plans Strategy Based on Possible Releases

DEC. 6, 2018: Trump and Giuliani Allegedly Give Parnas and Fruman a Special Assignment

MAY 13, 2019: Trump Tells Pence Not To Attend Zelensky Inauguration

SHORTLY BEFORE MAY 20, 2019: Parnas Issues Ultimatum to Zelensky

REVISED: JULY 10-11, 2019: Sondland’s Meeting With Ukrainian Officials Raises Concerns; Hill and Vindman Report Incident to WH Lawyer Eisenberg; Bolton: ‘I Won’t Be a Part of Whatever Drug Deal Sondland and Mulvaney Are Cooking Up’

JULY 13, 2019: Sondland Emails Morrison to Schedule Trump-Zelensky Call

JULY 19, 2019: Sondland Emails Mulvaney and Perry: Zelensky Prepared to Receive Trump’s Call

REVISED: JULY 23, 2019: OMB: Trump Still Has Hold on Ukraine Aid

REVISED: JULY 25, 2019: Quid Pro Quo In Place For Trump-Zelensky Call

REVISED: JULY 25, 2019: Trump Calls Zelensky

REVISED: JULY 25, 2019: Vindman and Morrison Notify Eisenberg About Concerns With Trump-Zelensky Call; Eisenberg Moves Transcript to Classified System

JULY 26, 2019: Sondland Calls Trump From Kiev; Tells Morrison That Trump Is Directing Him

REVISED: SEPT. 1, 2019: Pence Meets With Zelensky; Sondland Conveys Demand to Yermak; Taylor Receives Readout From Morrison

REVISED: SEPT. 1, 2019: Taylor Asks Sondland About Ukrainian Quid Pro Quo; Sondland Says, ‘Call Me’; Sondland Says ‘Everything’ Depends on Investigations Into Biden and 2016 Election.

REVISED: SEPT. 7, 2019: ‘Sinking Feeling’ About Trump-Sondland Call

REVISED: SEPT. 11, 2019: White House Releases Ukraine Military Aid, But It’s Too Late

REVISED: SEPT. 12-13, 2019: Zelensky Confirms There Won’t Be a CNN Interview to Announce Ukrainian Investigations

SEPT. 18, 2019: Pence Tells Zelensky Hold on Military Aid Has Been Lifted

REVISED: OCT. 30, 2019: Christopher Anderson Testifies: Giuliani Was a Problem, White House Blocked State Dept. Condemnation of Russia

REVISED: OCT. 30, 2019: Catherine Croft Testifies About Pressure on Yovanovitch, Mulvaney’s 2017 ‘Hold’ Arms to Ukraine Due to ‘Anticipated’ Russian Reaction

NOV. 7, 2019: Jennifer Williams Testifies

NOV. 13, 2019: Taylor and Kent Testify Publicly; Taylor Mentions New July 26 Trump-Sondland Call

NOV. 15, 2019: Trump Releases Summary Memo of April 21 Call With Zelensky, Which Differs From Original White House Readout

NOV. 15, 2019: Yovanovitch Testifies; Trump Intimidates

NOV. 15, 2019: Stone Convicted on All Counts

NOV. 15, 2019: David Holmes Testifies

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