The pace is breathtaking. We’re doing our best to keep up. Suffice it to say that Trump’s very bad days are getting worse. And there’s no end in sight.

That is, until we get to the House vote on articles of impeachment and a trial in the Senate.

Here is a list of the latest updates to the Trump-Russia Timeline at Dan Rather’s News & Guts and Just Security:

JUNE 14, 2016: Stone Wants Kushner’s Contact Info; Stone and Trump Exchange Phone Calls

REVISED: JUL. 31, 2016: Stone Calls Trump, Emails Corsi: ‘Malloch Should See Assange’

AUG. 2, 2016: Stone Emails Manafort About Assange

AUG. 3, 2016: Stone Emails Manafort About an Idea ‘To Save Trump’s Ass’

AUG. 16, 2016: Stone Emails Bannon: Knows How To Win, But ‘It Ain’t Pretty’

REVISED: OCT. 3-4, 2016: Stone, Prince, and Bannon Discuss WikiLeaks and Raising ‘$$$’

REVISED: JULY 2018: Trump Wants Yovanovitch Relieved in Ukraine

FEB. 11, 2019: Lutsenko Throwing Mud at Yovanovitch and Others at the State Department

MARCH 20-23, 2019: Story Lines Against Yovanovitch Unfold in US and Ukraine

REVISED: APR. 24-25, 2019: Yovanovitch Summoned to Return to Washington ‘On The Next Plane’; State Dept. No Longer Able to ‘Protect’ Her; Bolton Calls Giuliani a ‘Hand Grenade’

MAY 27, 2019: Giuliani Continues ‘Campaign of Lies’ Against Yovanovitch

MAY 30, 2019: Ukrainian Officials Concerned About Status of US Military Aid

JULY 2-3, 2019: Volker Tells Zelensky About Giuliani’s ‘Negative Narrative About Ukraine’, Needs to Signal ‘Cooperative Attitude’ Toward Trump’s Interests

BY JULY 3, 2019: Trump Orders Hold on Previously Authorized Military Aid to Ukraine; Pentagon Says Hold Is Illegal

REVISED: JULY 18, 2019: Taylor, Volker, and Others Learn About Hold on US Assistance to Ukraine and That the Directive Comes From Trump

REVISED: JULY 19, 2019: Giuliani, Volker, Sondland, and Taylor Exchange Text Messages Re: Effort to Get Ukraine to Investigate Biden

REVISED: JULY 25, 2019: Vindman and Morrison Notify Eisenberg About Concerns With Trump-Zelensky Call

DURING THE WEEK OF JULY 29, 2019: Intelligence Official Expresses Concern About Trump’s July 25 Call to CIA General Counsel; White House Already Aware of Concerns

REVISED: AUG. 17, 2019: Volker and Sondland Continue Discussions About Ukrainian Statement

REVISED: AUG. 17, 2019: Volker and Sondland Continue Discussions About Ukrainian Statement

SEPT. 1, 2019: Sondland Talks to Zelensky Aide In Warsaw

SEPT. 8, 2019: Taylor Describes Ukraine ‘Nightmare’

REVISED: SEPT. 11, 2019 White House Releases Ukraine Military Aid After Pentagon Deadline; Pentagon Scrambles To Pass Last-Minute Legislation

SEPT. 18, 2019: Pence Tells Zelensky Hold on Military Aid Has Been Lifted

AROUND SEPT. 25, 2019: Trump Wants Barr to Hold Press Conference on Zelensky Call; DOJ Issues Statement

REVISED: OCT. 3, 2019: Volker Testifies to Congress, Says He Told Giuliani That Claims About Biden Were False

REVISED: OCT. 17, 2019: Sondland Testifies, Points Accusing Finger at Giuliani and Trump

OCT. 29, 2019: Giuliani Meets With Ukrainians Pushing Investigations

REVISED: OCT. 29, 2019: House Votes to Sanction Turkey

OCT. 30, 2019: Sullivan Says White House Counsel is Directing Stonewalling

OCT. 30, 2019: Christopher Anderson Testifies

NOV. 4, 2019: Sondland Revises Testimony to Admit Quid Pro Quo

NOV. 4, 2019: Parnas Has New Lawyer, Willing to Cooperate

NOV. 5, 2019: Joint Statement on US Election Security Released

NOV. 6, 2019: House Withdraws Kupperman Subpoena

NOV. 8, 2019: Mulvaney Defies Subpoena

NOV. 8, 2019: Bannon Testifies in Stone’s Trial: ‘Stone Was Access Point to WikiLeaks

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