The truth is making its way to the public. Trump’s own words in his July 25 phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky remain the most damaging evidence in the case against him. Beginning tomorrow, eyewitnesses will begin providing the context surrounding Trump’s misconduct. That context — both before and after — makes the call even more damning.

My next post will be “Shakedown and Cover-Up: A Guide to the Impeachment Hearings.” It will be available later today.

Here is a list of the latest updates to the Trump-Russia Timeline at Dan Rather’s News & Guts and Just Security:

JULY 2018: Trump Wants Yovanovitch Relieved in Ukraine

REVISED: NOV. 25, 2018: Russia Captures Ukrainian Naval Vessels in Black Sea; EU Issues Immediate Condemnation; Trump Equivocates

REVISED: APR. 21, 2019: Zelensky Wins Ukraine Presidential Election; Trump Urges Him to Work With Giuliani on ‘Corruption’

APR. 24-25, 2019: Yovanovitch Summoned to Return to Washington ‘On The Next Plane’; State Dept. No Longer Able to ‘Protect’ Her

WEEK OF MAY 20, 2019: White House Learns That Ukraine is Concerned About Pressure From Giuliani

REVISED: JULY 10-11, 2019: Sondland’s Meeting With Ukrainian Officials Raises Concerns; Hill and Vindman Report Incident to WH Lawyer Eisenberg

REVISED: PRIOR TO JULY 18, 2019: Trump Orders Hold on Previously Authorized Military Aid to Ukraine; Pentagon Says Hold is Illegal

REVISED: JULY 18, 2019: Taylor, Volker, and Others Learn About Hold on US Assistance to Ukraine and That the Directive Comes From Trump

REVISED: JULY 25, 2019: Trump Calls Zelensky

JULY 25, 2019: Vindman and Morrison Notify Eisenberg About Concerns With Trump-Zelensky Call

REVISED: DURING THE WEEK OF JULY 29: Intelligence Official Expresses Concern About Trump’s July 25 Call to CIA General Counsel; White House Already Aware of Concerns

SEPT. 7, 2019: ‘Sinking Feeling’ About Trump-Sondland Call 

SEPT. 11, 2019 White House Releases Ukraine Military Aid, But It’s Too Late

REVISED: SEPT. 30, 2019: Trump and Barr Pressing Foreign Leaders For Help

REVISED: SEPT. 30, 2019: Pompeo Senior Adviser McKinley Resigns

OCTOBER 2019: Ukraine Begins Overhauling Prosecutor’s Office

OCT. 16, 2019: McKinley Testifies 

OCT. 29, 2019: Vindman Testifies to Quid Pro Quo, Omissions in WH Summary Memo of July 25 Call

OCT. 29, 2019: House Votes to Sanction Turkey

OCT. 30, 2019: Sullivan Says White House Counsel is Directing Stonewalling

OCT. 30, 2019: Anderson Testifies

OCT. 30, 2019: Croft Testifies

OCT. 30: Republicans Pivot to New Talking Point: Quid Pro Quo Was Legal

OCT. 31, 2019: House Passes Impeachment Resolution

OCT. 31, 2019: Morrison Testifies

NOV. 3, 2019: Trump Threatens to Release Info on Vindman

NOV. 4, 2019: Eisenberg Defies House Subpoena

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