Damning words on a page are one thing. Hearing those words from the mouth of the person speaking them moves the public’s attention to a whole new level. This voicemail from Trump’s attorney, John Dowd, is just one piece of evidence in special counsel Robert Mueller’s report on Trump’s obstruction of justice: https://soundcloud.com/kadhim-shubber/john-dowd-call-to-robert-kelner

Imagine what might happen if the public saw and heard live testimony from the participants involved in Trump’s wrongdoing. Trump and his defenders have. And that’s why they don’t want any of those witnesses appearing before the House Judiciary Committee.

Even Attorney General William Barr wouldn’t be able to spin Trump out of that mess.

Here’s a complete list of the latest updates to the Trump-Russia Timeline at Dan Rather’s News & Guts and at Just Security:

SOMETIME BETWEEN NOV. 8 and NOV. 24, 2016: Kushner and Flynn Meet With Kislyak

REVISED: NOV. 22-23, 2017: Flynn Withdraws from Joint Defense Agreement with Trump; Trump’s Lawyer Presses (revision of previous entry)

APR. 19, 2018: Feds File Criminal Complaint Against Nader

MAY 31, 2019: Justice Department Defies Judge’s Order, Complies With Separate Order to Release Transcript of Call to Flynn; Judge Acquiesces (revision of previous entry)

MAY 31, 2019: Stone Aide Produces Documents and Testifies

JUNE 3, 2019: House Schedules Vote to Hold Barr and McGahn in Contempt While Pursuing Alternatives; Judiciary Committee Schedules Hearings on Mueller’s Findings

JUNE 4, 2019: White House Directs Donaldson and Hicks Not to Produce Certain Documents in Response to House Subpoena; Hicks Agrees to Produce 2016 Campaign Documents

JUNE 5, 2019: Trump Attacks Democrats: ‘No Collusion Witch Hunt…Now Want a Do-Over’

JUNE 6, 2019: Public Hears Dowd’s Nov. 22, 2017 Voicemail to Flynn’s Lawyer

JUNE 6, 2019: Flynn Fires Lawyers, Hires New Counsel

JUNE 6, 2019: Trump Attacks Mueller Report

JUNE 7, 2019: Trump Quotes Hannity: ‘Mueller’s Report Was Pure, Political Garbage’; Tweets Clips of Meadows and Starr From Hannity’s TV Program; ‘Nervous Nancy Pelosi Is A Disgrace… No Collusion – Investigate The Investigators’ 

JUNE 7, 2019: McConnell Continues to Block Election Protection Legislation

JUNE 9, 2019: Trump Attacks Dems: ’13 Angry Democrat Trump Haters…No Collusion… Mueller Report Was A Disaster For Them…They Want a Redo or Do-Over…Bringing in @CNN Sleazebag Attorney John Dean’


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