Sometimes the biggest stories don’t receive the attention they deserve. Couple Trump’s May 3, 2019 call to Putin with the previous week’s revelations about Russians able to change US voter roll data in, at least, Florida. As I explain here, the result is a dangerous brew for democracy: imperiled votes and a president who doesn’t care: “Can Russian Hackers Steal Votes? Does Trump Even Care?”

Here’s the latest update to the Trump-Russia Timeline at Dan Rather’s News & Guts and at Just Security.

SEPT. 15, 2016: Undercover FBI Investigator Wants To Meet With Papadopoulos 

MAR. 25, 2019: Mueller Sends Barr 1stLetter With Executive Summaries and Redactions

MAR. 27-28, 2019: Mueller Complains to Barr About Mar. 24 Summary of Mueller’s Report

APR. 9, 2019: Barr: ‘I Don’t Know’ What Reports About Mueller Team’s Dissatisfaction With Barr’s Mar. 24 Letter Are Referencing

APR. 10, 2019: Barr Says He Doesn’t Know if Mueller Supports His Conclusion; Thinks ‘Spying Did Occur’ on Trump Campaign, Then Backtracks; Blames ‘Upper Echelon’ Leaders at FBI; Refuses to Answer Whether White House Has Seen Mueller’s Report; Nadler Responds (revision of previous entry)

APR. 19, 2019: White House Complains About Mueller Report

APR. 29, 2019: Trump Recasts Mueller Report/Barr Summary

APR. 29, 2019: Rosenstein Submits Resignation Letter

APR. 30, 2019: House Intelligence Committee Refers Prince to Justice Department

MAY 1, 2019: After Revelation of Mueller’s Letter to Barr, Trump Attacks Obama, Reiterates ‘NO COLLUSION, NO OBSTRUCTION’

MAY 1, 2019: Barr Appears Before Senate Judiciary Committee: ‘I Didn’t Exonerate’ Trump

MAY 1, 2019: After Barr’s Senate Testimony, Trump Attack Continues: ‘The Collusion Delusion is OVER’, ‘The Mueller Witch Hunt is Completely OVER’

MAY 1-2, 2019: Assange Jailed in London; Continues to Fight Extradition to US

MAY 2, 2019: Trump Continues Twitter Assault on Russia Investigation and Democrats

MAY 2, 2019: Barr Refuses to Appear Before House Judiciary Committee

MAY 2-3, 2019: NY Times Reports on September 2016 Meeting Between Undercover FBI Investigator and Papadopoulos; Trump Tweets: ‘Worse Than Watergate’ 

MAY 3, 2019: Trump Speaks With Putin, Then Tweets They Discussed ‘Witch Hunt’ and ‘Russian Hoax’

MAY 4, 2019: Trump Tweets ‘Russia Collusion Delusion’, Putin Phone Call

MAY 5, 2019: Trump Tweets: ‘Mueller Should Not Testify’, Attacks Democrats, ‘Collusion Delusion’; Retweets Attacks on ‘Deep State’, Obama, Clinton, ‘Should Have 2 Years Added to His 1stTerm’, ‘Witch Hunt Is Over But We Will Never Forget’

MAY 6, 2019: Trump Tweets: ‘No High Crimes and Misdemeanours,’ No Collusion, No Conspiracy, No Obstruction, ALL THE CRIMES ARE ON THE OTHER SIDE… The Tables Are Turning’

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