To get past Trump’s false spin about the Mueller Report, take a look a the new Apr. 18, 2019 entry in the Trump-Russia Timeline: “Redacted Mueller Report Released.”

And if you think Attorney General William Barr is working for the people of the United States rather than as Trump’s personal Mueller Report spinner, take a look at the Apr. 18, 2019 entry: “Barr Not Bothered By ‘Spinning’ Mueller Report Before Its Release”

Here are the latest updates to the Trump-Russia Timeline at Dan Rather’s News & Guts and at Just Security:

APR. 17, 2019: Trump Tweets About Steele, ‘Witch Hunt’, ‘Dirty Cops’, ‘Crooked Hillary and the DNC’

APR. 18, 2019: Trump Tweetstorm As Barr Holds Press Conference and Releases Redacted Mueller Report

APR. 18, 2019: Barr Not Bothered By ‘Spinning’ Mueller Report Before Its Release

APR. 18, 2019: Redacted Mueller Report Released

APR. 19, 2019: Trump Twitter Rampage Continues As He Threatens To ‘Bring Justice To Some Very Sick And Dangerous People Who Have Committed Serious Crimes, Perhaps Even Spying Or Treason’

APR. 19, 2019: House Subpoenas Unredacted Mueller Report

APR. 19, 2019: Prosecutors Seek 18-Month Prison Term for Butina

APR. 20, 2019: Trump Continues to Spin Mueller Report’s Conclusions

APR. 21, 2019: Trump Twitter Rampage Continues

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