After six months, how many kids are still in federal custody because Trump’s government deported their parents?

Answer: 50

Meanwhile, in an emergency motion last week, the ACLU said that the government is dragging its feet on a proposed settlement that would allow separated families to pursue their international human rights to seek asylum: “Over 40 detained families decided to accept removal — instead of receive due process — because they simply could not wait in detention any longer.”

No Defense? Try Distraction, Lies, and Offense

Lacking any coherent response to this ongoing crisis that Trump created, he is deploying three characteristically Trump strategies: distraction, lies, and “offense is the best defense.” As a 7,000-person caravan makes its way north from Central America. Trump is using a barrage of lies to demonize them and blame Democrats:

Trump has even made the absurd claims that Democrats had somehow organized the caravan and were banking on its arrival before Election Day so participants could vote for Democrats. Of course, no such asylum-seekers could vote because they would not be US citizens. But it’s a safe bet that some of his fans now believe Trump’s big lies. They also believe his unsupported assertion that the caravan includes terrorists from the Middle East.

The Height of Cynicism

It’s worse than politics, as The Hill reports; “Republicans have found themselves playing defense on immigration since June following the outcry over Trump’s policy of separating migrant children from their parents at the border.

“GOP strategists, citing internal polls, were concerned the family separations would harm Republican candidates, particularly among female voters. Many now see the caravan issue as a midterm blessing, one that could shift the debate away from a humanitarian focus and back to questions of national security and US sovereignty.”

Kids Held Hostage Day 169.

On Nov. 6, vote to make it stop. Otherwise it won’t.

The whole world is watching. If the American people get this one wrong, the immediate impact will be profound and the judgment of history will be harsh.

It should be.


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