The latest development in Trump’s immigration policy involves Hispanic citizens whose birth records show they were born in the US decades ago. The Washington Post reports: “[U]nder President Trump, the passport denials and revocations [for individuals delivered by certain midwives and physicians along the US-Mexico border] appear to be surging, becoming part of a broader interrogation into the citizenship of people who have lived, voted and worked in the United States for their entire lives.”

At first, the State Department refused to comment, The Post continues.

“‘The State Department’s domestic passport denials are at the lowest rate in six years for midwife cases,’ said State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert in a statement after the story was published.

“But those numbers appear to leave out key data. The State Department declined repeated requests from The Post for additional information.”

Where Are The Kids?

Meanwhile, on Kids Held Hostage Day 120, the US government is making dismal progress in dealing with a Trump-created tragedy that continues to inflict pain on innocent children.

Kids still separated from their families:

As of Aug. 16: 565

As of Aug. 23: 528 — 23 are under age of five

As of Aug. 30: 497 — 22 are under age five

Kids separated because the US government deported their parents without them:

As of Aug. 16: 366

As of Aug. 23: 343 — six are under five

As of Aug. 30: 322 — six are under five

Behind every child separation number is a face and what was once a family. And to the world, the face responsible for this ongoing humanitarian crisis belongs to every citizen of the the United States of America. The ugly image of this self-inflicted wound will shadow all of us for a long time. Other countries don’t allow a miscreant nation and its people to forget this sort of travesty.

And they shouldn’t.


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