The drumbeat is underway. Trump’s enablers are using the one-year anniversary of special counsel Robert Mueller’s appointment to call for an end of the Trump-Russia investigation, As the Trump-Russia Timeline demonstrates, the chorus is the culmination of a systematic effort that began within days of Mueller’s appointment. For a sample, consider these entry titles from the Timeline:

MAY 18, 2017: Trump Denounces Special Counsel

MAY 19, 2017: Reuters Reports White House Lawyers Reviewing Ways to Undermine Mueller

SOMETIME IN JUNE 2017: Trump Wants Mueller Fired; McGahn Threatens To Resign

JUNE 12, 2017: Trump Is Rumored to Consider Firing Mueller

JULY 20, 2017: Reports About White House Efforts to Limit or Block Mueller Investigation

JULY 25, 2017: Trump Says Mueller’s Job Is Not ‘Safe’

AUG. 7, 2017: Trump Asks GOP Senators To End Trump-Russia Investigation

OCT. 27, 2017: Trump Tweets About Russia Investigation Costs

SHORTLY AFTER DEC. 5, 2017: Trump Considers Firing Mueller, Again

JAN. 24, 2018: Trump Says He Was Only “Fighting Back”; Hopes Mueller Will Be Fair

And so on, and so on, and so on…

That doesn’t count Trump’s tweets, or the complicit GOP team members of Congress — especially Rep. Devin Nunes — who have pursued diversionary attacks aimed at undermining the investigation, the Justice Department, and the FBI.

What Worries Pence?

Until last week, Mike Pence had refrained from critical commentary about special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation. But as three prisoners were returning from North Korea, Pence urged Mueller to shut it down:

“It’s been about a year since this investigation began… In the interests of the country, I think it’s time to wrap it up. And I would very respectfully encourage the special counsel and his team to bring their work to completion.”

For perspective, the special counsel’s investigation in Iran-Contra took more than six years; Whitewater consumed more than four. And in their first year, neither had yielded as many indictments and guilty pleas as Mueller’s investigation has.

If you wonder why Pence wants the investigation over, go to the Trump-Russia Timeline and click on his name. Pence has plenty to fear from a thorough understanding of his involvement in the Trump-Russia story. After all, he was head of the Trump transition team. Running Pence’s name through the Timeline filter reveals that he has a big “Flynn problem” and was a central player in the Comey firing cover-up. As a potential disinfectant, sunlight is not Pence’s friend.

Russians Penetrated Voter Registration Systems

Meanwhile, Trump dithers as a hostile foreign power continues its massive cyberattack on American democracy.

Remember the Election Day reports of citizens who couldn’t vote because of confusion in voter rolls and problems with voting machines? The Senate Intelligence Committee released a preliminary report confirming that from “at least as early as 2014 through Election Day 2016,” Russian government-affiliated actors engaged in cyberattacks on at least 21 state election systems. And to some unknown degree, they succeeded:

“In a small number of states, Russian-affiliated cyber actors were able to gain access to restricted elements of election infrastructure. In a small number of states, these cyber actors were in a position to, at a minimum, alter or delete voter registration data….”

Long ago, the media should have stopped saying that Trump won the election “fair and square.” He didn’t, and that’s why Trump keeps obsessing about Hillary Clinton and the election. He’s using every weapon at his disposable to block the investigation aimed at uncovering the whole truth.

Here’s a complete list of the week’s updates to the Trump-Russia Timeline:

2014 to Nov. 8, 2016: Russian Cyber-Actors Target 2016 Election Cycle

DEC. 10, 2015: Flynn Receives Money From RT (revision of previous entry)

MAR. 29, 2016: Trump Hires Manafort

OCT. 17, 2016: Cohen Creates Shell Company

OCT. 26, 2016: Cohen Signs Non-Disclosure Agreement With Stephanie Clifford (aka Stormy Daniels) (revision of previous entry)

BETWEEN JANUARY 2017 AND AUGUST 2017: Oligarch-Linked Firm Pays Cohen $500,000

JAN. 20, 2017: Vekselberg, Veselnitskaya, Akhmetshin and Butina Attend Trump Inauguration Festivities (revision of previous entry)

APR. 3, 2017: Cohen and Broidy Become RNC National Deputy Finance Co-Chairs

APR. 4, 2018: Mueller Quizzing Oligarchs (revision of previous entry)

AROUND APR. 28, 2018: Giuliani Meets With Mueller; Mueller Rejects Written Responses in Lieu of Trump Testimony

MAY 8, 2018: Emerdata Shutting Down, Too

MAY 9, 2018: Pence Says Mueller Should “Wrap It Up.”

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