Papadopoulos-Page-Flynn…More puzzle pieces come together in this week’s updates to the Trump-Russia Timeline:

Here’s a list of what we added with our Nov. 6 update:

  • Between June 2015 and August 2017: 150 Million Americans Exposed to Russian-Government Linked Troll Farm [revision of previous entry]
  • March 4, 2016: Trump Narrows the Field
  • March 24, 2016: Papadopoulos Suggests Russia Meeting [revision of previous entry]
  • March 31, 2016: Trump Meets with Foreign Policy Advisers [revision of previous entry]
  • Spring 2016: Papadopoulos Presents His Trump Credentials to Foreign Leaders
  • Early April 2016: Papadopoulos Continues Efforts to Arrange Trump-Russia Meeting [revision of previous entry]
  • May 4, 2016: Trump Stands Atop the Republican Field [revision of previous entry]
  • June 7, 2016: Trump Promises to Reveal ‘Things That Have Taken Place With the Clintons’ [revision of previous entry]
  • July 7, 2016: Page Says US Is to Blame for US-Russia Friction; Meets With Russians [revision of previous entry]
  • July 20, 2016: Papadopoulos Talks About Trump’s Foreign Policy
  • August 2016: Flynn’s Consulting Firm Begins Lobbying for Turkish Interests [revision of previous entry]
  • Sept. 19, 2016: Flynn Discusses Kidnapping Muslim Cleric
  • Sept. 30, 2016: Papadopoulos Interview on Trump Policy
  • Early December 2016: Papadopoulos Dines With Greek Defense Minister
  • Jan. 27, 2017: Papadopoulos Lies to the FBI [revision of previous entry]
  • Oct. 10, 2017: Page To Take the Fifth [revision of previous entry]
  • Oct. 25, 2017: WSJ Calls on Mueller to Resign
  • Nov. 1, 2017: Clovis Withdraws
  • Nov. 2, 2017: Robert Mercer Sells Stake in Breitbart
  • Nov. 3, 2017: Trump Tweets
  • Nov. 3, 2017: DOJ Considers Charging Russian Hackers
  • Nov. 3, 2017: GOP Lawmakers Call for Mueller’s Recusal
  • Nov. 4, 2017: NBC: Mueller Has Sufficient Evidence to Charge Flynn and His Son


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