Does anyone remember Trump’s first post-election press conference in January. That’s when his tax lawyer, Sheri Dillon at Morgan, Lewis & Bockius, assured everyone that Don Jr. would stay out of politics while he ran his father’s business. Do they think no one notices when Don Jr. shows up four months later at a campaign rally in Montana?

(Photo from 5/5 NYT).

That’s just a sample of the obvious stuff emanating from the charade that Dillon touted as the comprehensive solution to the Trump family’s ongoing conflicts of interest.

In the latest ethical failures, the State Department promoted Mar-a-Lago and Ivanka’s new book. And the Kushner family is trading on Trump ties to woo Chinese investors “into wealthy luxury developments” with $500,000 “investor visas.” So it’s not just the presidency that’s for sale, it’s America itself.

When will it end? Whenever the public starts to care. And even then, maybe not.

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