Two questions for former Trump campaign manager and now counselor to the president, Kellyanne Conway (who has a JD degree from George Washington University) :

— “Now the you’ve admitted that Trump will never release his tax returns, what did you know and when did you know it?”

— “What is the difference between what you told Meet the Press’s Chuck Todd was ‘alternative fact’ and a lie?”

A message to lawyers who defended candidate Trump’s “under audit” ploy as an appropriate excuse for anyone seeking the presidency: “Consider yourself duped.”

A lesson for any Trump supporter who believed that he would ever release his tax returns or adhere consistently to the truth: “Fool me once, shame on you….”.


  1. I’m going to try to let you down gently.

    1. It’s Monday.

    2. The weekend is over.

    3. Donald Trump is still President.

    4. A year from now 90%+ of the population will have zero recollection of this and those who do have any recollection would never vote for him in the first place.

    Are you aware that if you keep jumping on every little thing about Trump several times a week you will have little credibility left long before 2020 roles around?

    I learned a lot when I finally clicked on the link to your “Crossing Hoffa” book. Your having been raised in a union household speaks volumes. If your father fought mob involvement in the Teamsters that is admirable, but you exhibit the union mindset of endlessly parroting the mindless platitudes that the company is always wrong and the union is always right. If you want to see where that eventually leads spend your next vacation in Detroit.

    • You haven’t read “Crossing Hoffa.” I was not raised in a “union household.” In disappointment and disgust, my father left the Teamsters union in 1961 — barely escaping with his life (and our family’s). He spent the rest of his 30-year career in management working for non-union trucking firms.

      Suffice it to say that we disagree on your definition of “every little thing.” “Alternative facts”? Stonewalling about undisclosed financial conflicts of interest?

      But I agree that Trump and his minions are counting on the gullibility and short attention span of most American voters. This time, I think, they’re mistaken. That’s why even some Trump voters now have buyers’ remorse. His approval ratings are lower than his less-than-plurality of the popular vote.

      • Per Rasmussen Reports, the Daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Monday, January 23 indicates that 55% of likely US Voters approve of Trump, while 44% disapprove. Trump got 46% of the popular vote, so you’re above statement regarding his “approval ratings [being] lower than his less-than-plurality of popular vote” numbers is not accurate, at least with regard to the Rasmussen poll.

        But as for Kellyanne, the only “very bad” thing that happened to her these past few days was her lapse in judgment in choosing that awful calamity of a dress she wore at the inauguration. That’s what Americans will remember a year from now. Everything else will be forgotten, especially now that Trump’s making good on pulling us out of TPP–with praise from, coincidentally, Jimmy Hoffa of the teamsters union.

        As for claims that voters have “buyer’s remorse,” that’s just nonsense at this point. We’re less than 5 days into his Presidency, so it’s all very fluid. We have to let more time pass before we get a more realistic idea of what Trump voters are thinking.

        We shall see what happens.

      • Thanks for the message. (I corrected your grammatical error.)

        Here’s how the nonpartisan group “Five-Thirty-Eight” grades the polls I cited:

        ABC/WaPo: A+

        CBS/NYT: A-

        CNN: A-

        Galllup: B-

        NBC/WSJ: A-

        Quinnipiac: A-

        You’re relying on Rasmussen, an unpersuasive outlier: Five-Thirty-Eight gives Rasmussen a C-.

        Your point about Americans’ short attention span is what makes Trump so dangerous. He’s counting on it. (See my earlier reply to E.H. Probst.)

        As for “what most Trump voters are thinking,” I’m confident that most of them value two central principles of our democracy: freedom from foreign interference with our elections and an office of the Presidency free from conflicts of interest the institutionalize corruption. Trump is assaulting both of those principles.

  2. I’m so glad you are in this fight for the future of our democracy. We need a bright, unblinking light shone on every unethical, criminal act this administration commits. Every administration has done its share of bad deeds, but this administration is uniques in that it has no shame, no conscience, no empathy, just a voracious hunger to accumulate power and wealth.

  3. First, best blog post title ever! Second, thanks for continuing to shine a light on this administration’s malfeasance. I am grateful for the few who seem to be mature, ethical and public-minded, like General Mattis. Trump’s ratings are low and sinking. Flynn bas been caught lying and has resigned. Pence now knows that the White House let him go out in public repeating Flynn’s lies when they had been told by DOJ that he was lying.

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