On New Year’s Eve, Trump said he “knew things that other people don’t know” about Russian hacking and promised revelations by Tuesday or Wednesday. Today is Thursday.

In the interim, he derided what he called American “‘Intelligence’ on so-called ‘Russian hacking.'” And Trump cited Julian Assange as his authority on Russian hacking and the U.S. media. Senator Lindsay Graham describes Assange as a man “who has a history of undermining American democracy.”

While the world awaits Trump’s big reveal, the print edition of the Wall Street Journal carries this front page headline: “Trump Plans Spy Agency Overhaul.”

He can’t change the facts that cast a dark cloud over the legitimacy of his presidency, but he can appoint people who will bury them.

1 thought on “TRUMP ALERT

  1. The powerful meme circulating on the Net is that “he knew things that other people don’t know” about the Russian hacking would certainly lead one to think that if he has this knowledge and no one else does then he is somehow complicit in the hacking. It might be wise to expound and expand this notion in legal terms. implied or actual conclusion…treason????

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