Fight distractions.

Donald Trump’s tweets attacking free speech — from Hamilton to Saturday Night Live to The New York Times — are just one of the acts in the media circus for which he will remain ringmaster. A unified and forceful response to his assaults on the Constitution is vital. But it’s important not to allow Trump’s antics draw too much attention away from the dimly lit center ring:

Follow the money, the deals, and the people he selects to run the government.

For the past two days, the media spent a lot of time discussing Trump’s meetings with television executives, anchors, reporters, and The New York Times. But here’s a sample of other news items that were breaking at the same time — just since yesterday:

Scotland: Trump reportedly spoke with British politician Nigel Farage about opposing offshore wind farms that would interfere with the pristine views from Trump’s golf course.

Argentina: On Election Night, Eric Trump took a selfie with the developer of a planned Trump Tower in Argentina. A week later, Ivanka — a member of Trump’s transition team — was on a call between President-elect Trump and Argentina’s president. Three days after that, the developers issued a press release confirming that the Trump Tower construction project was on track, pending only a city government approval.

The Philippines: The new special trade envoy from the Philippines to the U.S. is the developer of “TRUMP TOWER – MANILA.”

As the circus continues, keep a watchful eye on things moving into and out of the dark center ring. And prepare to learn more about the Emoluments Clause of the U.S. Constitution. I’ll have more to say on that topic.

2 thoughts on “TRUMP ALERT

  1. While I agree with you that one should follow the money, there were many instances with Democrat Party politicians and their nefarious business deals. Like Sen. Reid in NV land transaction. How about the Solindra green energy deal? I believe that was a “payback a friend with gov subsidy” type of deal.
    One thing is certain: politicians are guaranteed to disappoint, no matter what party they come from.

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