Kris Kobach wants to be Secretary of Homeland Security. His “Strategic Plan for the Department’s First 365 Days” includes a Muslim registry (Item #1: “Update and reintroduce and NSEERS screening and tracking system”) and stopping all Syrian refugees (Item #3). So far, the media hasn’t focused on Item 21, which involves “voter rolls.”

Don’t tell anyone about the Kobach Plan. It was supposed to be secret.

2 thoughts on “TRUMP ALERT

  1. Kobach is a graduate of Harvard Law, so he should be pretty smart, yet, like so many of his ilk, he thinks asking immigrants if they support ISIS will yield truthful answers from any terrorists among them. I am very concerned about Islamic terrorism–and the thought that this guy or Chris Christie could be put in charge of defending me from it frightens me.

    Inept efforts to uncover supposed voting fraud are bad enough, but far less dangerous than inept efforts to protect us from domestic and foreign terrorists.

    • Actually, Kobach’s undergraduate degree is from Harvard and his JD is from Yale. But you’re right: He should be smart enough to know better.

      Throughout history, registries have begun as innocuous lists. But they’re insidious and have led to horrific events.

      I’d like to see Kobach’s entire Plan, especially the rest of his “voter rolls” item.

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